Sunday, April 22, 2018

I Went To Princeton

The sun is shining.

The breeze is enjoyable.

Let's do a road trip and enjoy this beautiful spring day.

Because I had a time-sensitive destination,
we drove the highways to get to Princeton rather than taking the more scenic back roads.

This bridge was on the news recently.
It had undergone a massive refurbishment of the sign on the side and just recently was unveiled.
I wanted to see it.

I didn't really know until the very last second that we were going to go by it.

Thank you, Android camera for being so good at what you do.

I'm sure it is MUCH more impressive when it is lit up at night,
but, I like it in the daytime too.

The town of Princeton is beautiful.
It seems like the whole of New Jersey was out and about today enjoying the 
much delayed spring weather.

I wish I had photos to show you of my intended target,
but I didn't get any.

Welllll, not any that you could actually tell where I was.

It was a yarn store.

Yesterday I saw an ad from them that said they had the new Pom Pom magazine and a collection of Making Magazines, including the newest edition. I wanted to SEE the Making Magazines before shelling out that kind of $$$$$ ---- $24.00 to be exact. Mind you, that is $24.00 for EACH magazine, not the whole set.

There is no doubt they were beautifully done,
but $24.00!!! --- and really NOTHING in them that I would want to make.

So, I passed on them AND on the Pom Pom.
Again ... nothing I would want to knit up.

However, I did NOT go home empty handed.

Some Brew City Yarns sock yarn in the colorway:  Honey Badger

You KNOW this has to be a pair of Honey Badger Socks.

I also found some sweet buttons to take the place of a leather tab
on my Copy Cat C. C. Beanie that is currently in progress.

I have searched high and low for an affordable small leather tab.
The leather tab isn't too bad,
but buying the tools to emboss the leather tab ---- holy wow!
Too much to spend for what would probably only be ONE project.

These buttons were a much more affordable solution
and they are just so darn CUTE!

Now, you know me well enough to know that any trip OUT
will most likely involve some coffee shop knitting and this trip was no exception.

Oh yes ... Sunday is "treat" day around here.

This lemon bar did not disappoint.

We had our coffee and treats at Brick Farm Market.

Such a cool, funky place ..... good coffee, good lemon bar,
and a good way to end our grand day out.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Fresh Starts

If you are reading this,
you FOUND me.

Glad you are here.

There's been a bit of cast-itis going on around here.

Lot of new projects
and a couple of works-in-progress.

The Coziest Memory Blanket
There are now 24 blocks on my second scrappy blanket.

The newest ones are the brown ombre (bottom left)
and the yellow with an orange tweed stripe (bottom right)

And then there is this!!

I KNOW! It's been a long, LONG time since you've seen any cross stitch here.

Sometimes I get so wrapped up in my knitting
that I forget how much I enjoy cross stitching.

So, THAT is what I've worked on today.

Like I said there have been quite a few cast ons,
and a couple of frog-outs.

Keep checking back to see which projects made the cut
and are still "on the needles".