Friday, July 20, 2018

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

That's So Random

Random Photo #1
When Vera and I were out on Saturday we came across this wooden sculpture. We both "got" the horse part, but from a distance could NOT figure out what the other thing was.

Vera said it was a cactus. I said it most definitely was NOT a cactus. Turns out we were focusing on two different things. She DID see the cactus there at the bottom. What I was seeing turned out to be an indian.

I suppose things all depend on your focus.

Random Photo #2

A long, long, LONG time ago we were watching one of those restaurant shows that are so popular on the Food Network. They talked about John's Roast Pork. Steve immediately put that on his CHOW DOWN BUCKET LIST.

We had been back to Philadelphia on vacation several times since then, but to be honest ..... this place is in a part of town we just don't get to when time is limited. It's in far south Philly in a heavily industrial part of town.

This place is the epitome of "dive",
but the food is very, very good.

You queue up in a tiny area with folks from every walk of life. You don't dawdle. You don't ask for items NOT on the menu. You pick your sandwich, you grab a drink from the cooler, you don't for God's sake DAWDLE ---- not that you'd want to today. There's no air conditioning. You take your drink, your sandwich and your sweaty old self to the next counter and pay. Then you go outside and sit at communal tables.

We met the nicest two guys today ------------ one was a Vietnam vet and one guy was a retired man that worked at the sports facilities downtown for fun. They were very social and we had a great chat about growing up in Philadelphia, sports. The Vietnam vet got a lot of nice "thank yous" and 'Nam chat from other veterans that had been there. 

We enjoyed our lunch VERY much,
the food AND the company.

Random Photo #3

This is "The Ben"
a.k.a. The Benjamin Franklin Bridge.
It's an Philadelphia icon.

As you all know, I have a thing for bridges*,
but I have a particular THING for 
THIS bridge.

*I also have a thing for firetrucks, old buildings, mountains, creeks and rivers. But, those are stories for another day.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Shop Hopping

Vera and I made our own little shop hop.

First stop ---- Forever Yarn in Doylestown.

The two mini skeins from Madeline Tosh are from there.
Antler on the left
Arctic on the right

From there it was off to Peace Valley Lavender Farm,
where I impressed Vera with my spectacular navigating skills.
I drove right by the place.

Apparently overcome by lavender fumes,
neither one of us took any photos.
I've borrowed this one from their website.
I was feeling a bit peckish so I purchased a tiny chocolate bar.
Vera went for some gifts with a few less calories.

Fortified with a bit of chocolate, we were off to yarn store #2 -

We *sort* of took a selfie.
Look closely ......THERE WE ARE!!!

AND ..... more purchases were made.

It was a shop exclusive, so you KNOW I had to have it.

The brown yarn is also from Ancient Arts.
It is Brown Tabby from their Meow Collection.

With some creamy white yarn I have in my stash,
I'll have perfect GIROUX socks
and I even have the perfect pattern to go with the yarn.

But wait ...........there's one more shop.

Now, I'll be honest . . . I RARELY fine anything here that I want and today was no exception.
Neither on of us found anything we wanted,
but the shop was right across the street from the coffee shop we were headed to
for some sit and knit time.

So .......why NOT stop in?

All in all ........a good day.

We bought some nice yarn,
had a nice lunch,
had a nice time,
and I don't think either one of us went TOO overboard.

We didn't break the bank.
(This time. LOL)