Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Get 'Er Done

One Toyota washed and vacuumed.   ✔️ 

One Subaru washed and vacuumed. ✔️

Scooped the litter box (TWICE)! ✔️

One margarita consumed. ✔️

One very cute sock off the needles!  ✔️

It's been a very productive day.

Monday, June 18, 2018

One Final Ride

When we started out today I didn't think it would be
our final ride on our bikes.

Yes . . . I knew the move up here was hard on them.

I knew they were shifting rough,
my seat was worn,
and there was a little rust here and there.

Florida is a tough place to live if you are aluminum.
It's not MUCH easier on the humans.

But . . . when we got here we had the bikes tuned up
and some fairly pricey repairs done.

Turns out .................that may not have been worth our while.

We planned on biking all the way around Lake Galena.

About half way around Steve noticed an odd thumping from the back wheel.

While I was resting along the lake,

...Steve went on ahead.

I was having a pretty rough day as well as Steve's BIKE having a rough day.

I did catch up and while we were resting at the top of the hill,
that tire BLEW.

We managed to walk/ride back to our starting point without too much trouble.

But, decisions had to be made and there was a dumpster within view.

We did it.
We left the bikes beside the dumpster.

If someone wants to take the effort to fix them on their own,
they'll get some nice bikes.

But for us ...............I think trail WALKING is in our future for awhile.

(No complaints about the bikes though. They were a LOT older than I first thought. They go back to my Honda CR-V days and that is well over 8 years ago. The bikes were probably around 12 years old and we used them A LOT in Florida. I also think the trip up in the moving van didn't do them any favors. That's when the gear issues started. So ............thanks for the memories Little Green and Big Red.)

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Peace Valley Lavender Farm

It was much to gorgeous to stay inside today.
So, we didn't.

Steve and I took a short car ride out to Peace Valley Lavender Farm.

Anything you can imagine doing with lavender was there inside.

I came home with a 3 oz. bag of lavender to make my own sachets,
a lavender deodorant (the world thanks me for THAT),
and a lavender plant of my very own.

The inside of the shop was decorated beautifully.
I could have gone REALLY crazy buying a bit of this
and a whole lot of that.
But, I was pretty conservative and bought just what was on my shopping list.

Hopefully, one day my baby lavender plant will look as lovely as this one.